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“Until you dive it, you cannot feel it.” This is very aptly said in the context of virtual reality. A new world that is exciting and engaging incorporating all the digital stuff is created by VR immersive technology. The major reason for incorporating virtual reality in businesses is the experiences and engagement it offers.   Let us have an overview of the benefits of creating virtual experiences:-   Immersive and interactive experience- Getting immersed completely with digital content is the beauty and benefit of virtual reality. VR experiences hit the human senses and emotions through its features like sonic, 3D images, motions. Here, the users can travel to their dream destination or play their favourite game or can take a virtual test drive in a digital environment.      Immediate connection with the content   Once you put on the VR headset, you immediately step into the virtual world. This is a very powerful and key benefit of Virtual reality that connects the user to the digital world in a fraction of seconds. Nothing is faster than this. And it is also effective in a multitude of businesses because it allows no external distractions. Also, this helps in grasping the utmost content.   Overcome the language barrier   Language is a major concern in the field of education and training. This can be resolved through virtual reality by implementing suitable software and tools. The insertion of VR technology has brought the world more closure; information became more accessible and not restricted to language. Now, students and trainees can approach the required data at any time and in any language with virtual reality experiences  Support buying decision   The whole sole aim of any industry is to make the sale and generate revenue. This VR solution enables great product display and description in a very engaging and interactive manner. This technique is appealing to consumers, helps in choosing the right product, and ultimately leads to an increase in sales. Multiple brands are using VR technology very creatively setting new standards of surprises for their customers. For instance, Oreo biscuits, MAC cosmetics, etc. have created VR experiences.   Analysis of User behaviour   While consumers are exposed to VR experiences or VR walkthrough, several buying patterns come in front of the marketers. They confront more with how people make decisions, their behaviour for the brand, and how factors like knowledge, emotions, age, etc. affect their buying decision. Thus, it is a great benefit of virtual reality that enables industries to make detailed analyses through customer’s expressions and gestures.   Involved No Risk   Operating functions performed with VR technology can minimize risk to a great extent especially industries where tests and trails are required. It provides a realistic scenario to the new employee or trainee that can be expensive or risky otherwise while working on real machinery or equipment.    High Content Retention   Indeed, visuals are more impactful than words. According to a study, our brain processes graphics 60,000 x faster than text. It is easy to memorize data and information when it is portrayed in visual forms and it has high recall value. Virtual reality experiences involve multiple senses as it offers graphics, sound, and motion. Thus, it offers a powerful impact on the user’s mind and VR content is retained for a longer time.   Boost brand awareness   Virtual reality has the potential to build a brand and create awareness with its effective story-telling feature that enhances consumer experiences. It can be used as a marketing tool by delivering engaging and interactive content like Volvo (test drive), McDonald’s (Happy Goggles), Toms Shoes, etc. brands did.     If you are looking for any virtual reality experience to assist and expand your business arena, then you are in the right place. 10th Dimension Singapore is ready with up to a minute of technology to take all your challenges and offers unmatched VR solutions. See more at:

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